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My Journey

Images By Kevin Gilbert

Hey there, everyone! I’m Kevin Gilbert, a renowned photographer, educator and entrepreneur residing in Washington State. Throughout my impressive four decade long career, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to capture captivating moments from influential events like the White House and even remote corners of the world. In this article, I’ll be your guide as we delve into my journey as a photographer. Sharing the impactful experiences and significant milestones that have molded me into who I am today. So grab your trusty camera and join me on this exploration of the profound power and mesmerizing beauty that photography holds.

Teaching and Inspiring Others

Over the course of my professional journey, I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to teach and inspire numerous aspiring photographers. Whether it be through engaging TED Talks or impactful workshops hosted by esteemed organizations like Google, Sony and Creative Live, I have enthusiastically shared my personal experiences and knowledge. My aim has always been to empower individuals to explore their own creativity and discover their unique photographic voice. Witnessing others grow and develop their skills has been an immensely gratifying experience for me, knowing that I have played a small but meaningful role in their photographic endeavors. Along this path, I have had the privilege of collaborating with exceptionally talented photographers as well, like the great Las Vegas boudoir photographer Michael Jones and Jim Hubbard (now retired).

The Early Years

Like many photographers, my passion for capturing moments began at a young age. Growing up in Washington State, I was surrounded by breathtaking landscapes that ignited my curiosity and desire to document the world around me. With my first camera in hand, I embarked on my photographic journey, eager to capture the beauty and stories that unfolded before my eyes. Thanks mom!

The Road to the White House

As my love and expertise in photography grew, so did my ambitions. I had lofty goals, aiming for the highest level of power and journalism—the White House. Through sheer determination and unwavering effort, I found myself right in the heart of Washington, D.C., capturing the significant events that shaped our nation’s history. From documenting Ronald Reagan’s inauguration to capturing candid moments with President Clinton, I was incredibly fortunate to witness firsthand the immense impact and authority that accompanies the presidency.

During this time, I had the esteemed privilege of serving as President of the White House News Photographers Association on five separate occasions. Additionally, I dedicated several years as Chief Photographer for the respected Washington Times. Throughout my career, I had the honor of photographing four presidents during their time in office—a remarkable experience that filled me with immense pride and deep respect.

Ronald Reagan kissing his wife Nancy.

A Brush with Fictional Presidents

In a fascinating turn of events in my career, I had the amazing opportunity to photograph both real life presidents and fictional ones. While working on the set of NBC’s popular show “The West Wing,” I was able to capture the true essence and captivating drama of the political landscape through my camera lens. It was an incredibly thrilling experience that allowed me to delve into the intriguing intersection between reality and fiction, showcasing the remarkable artistry and storytelling abilities found within photography.

Additionally, I had the chance to collaborate with Donald Trump during his time on The Apprentice, although this was long before he became president.

Beyond the White House: A World of Discovery

Although my time in the White House was definitely a memorable experience in my career, my love for photography goes far beyond the confines of political power. I’ve had the incredible opportunity to embark on numerous adventures, exploring 70 different countries spanning all seven continents. Along the way, I’ve captured the richness and diversity of cultures, landscapes and narratives that make our world truly extraordinary. From the vibrant energy of Tokyo’s bustling streets to the tranquil beauty of Africa’s savannahs, each destination has presented its own set of unique challenges and exciting opportunities for me to dive into through my photography.

Embracing the Digital Revolution

With the advancement of technology, my craft also evolved. During the late 1990s, I eagerly embraced the digital revolution and made a transition from traditional film photography to digital photography. This shift brought forth a plethora of new opportunities and broadened my creative boundaries. I took on the role of an early adopter, experimenting and capturing images with more than 150 different digital camera models. The digital realm provided me with the ability to swiftly and effortlessly capture moments, allowing me to fuel my passion for the art of photography by easily sharing my work with others.

A Visionary Entrepreneur

Motivated by my passion for sharing knowledge and expertise, I established Blue Pixel, an innovative digital creative collective. Through Blue Pixel, I had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with renowned players in the retail, technology and camera manufacturing industries. Together, we successfully adapted to the constantly evolving realm of digital photography. Moreover, I initiated PhotoCoaches™. A nationwide program that aspires to educate individuals on capturing exceptional photographs and discovering happiness through the art of photography.

The Power of Memories

Photographs possess a remarkable capacity to stir up emotions, safeguard memories and establish a connection with our personal history. I have come to acknowledge the significance of arranging, safeguarding and sharing these invaluable instances, not just for myself but also for others. This realization prompted me to become part of Mylio, a software organization committed to assisting individuals in locating and safeguarding their treasured photos. In my role as the company’s memory advocate, I passionately promote the profound impact that photography has in capturing and preserving our most significant moments.

The Legacy

Looking back on my journey as a photographer, I feel immensely thankful for the amazing chances and unforgettable moments that have molded me. From documenting significant events at the White House to venturing into the breathtaking wonders of our world, photography has always been by my side, fueling my creativity. As I persistently pursue capturing the essence of light and embracing every fleeting instant, my aspiration is to leave behind a meaningful legacy that ignites others passion for seeing the world through their unique lens and discovering profound joy in the art of photography.