Kevin GilberT Photography

Seattle Wedding Photography

I am Kevin Gilbert, an accomplished Wedding Photographer based in Seattle with a rich experience spanning over a decade. I am a proud alumnus of the University of Washington, where I honed my creative instincts studying Photography and Art Design. My passion for capturing the beauty of life’s most precious moments led me to embark on a rewarding career in photography.

My journey took an exciting turn when I had the opportunity to serve in the army, stepping into the role of a Journalist and Public Affairs Director. This experience enriched me professionally, instilling in me a unique perspective of narrating compelling stories through the lens. As a military journalist, I learned the importance of precision, attention to detail, and the art of capturing emotions, which became an integral part of my photography style. I met my friend and first business partner during my time in the military. Together we owned a wedding business in Seattle. After he left for Arizona, I stayed in Seattle. 

Today, I stand as a renowned Wedding Photographer, transforming ordinary moments into lifetime memories with my artistic flair. I take pride in delivering timeless, high-quality images that reflect the heart and soul of the occasion. As a dedicated professional, I am committed to exceeding my clients’ expectations, offering them an unmatched photography experience, and creating a visual legacy that celebrates their love story. My work is not just about capturing the event; it’s about encapsulating the emotions, joy, and love that are the essence of each unique wedding day.